(revised March 8, 2021)

In July 2022, Scouts Canada will send a Contingent to the Kandersteg International Scout Centre.

1) What is the Kandersteg International Scout Centre? (KISC)

Our Founder, Lord Baden-Powell, dreamed of one place where Scouts can meet, live in peace, and learn from each other. Only 13 years after the first scout camp on Brownsea Island, the first international event took place: the first World Scout Jamboree. At the Jamboree's closing ceremony, B.P. said that he dreams of one place in the world, where this “Jamboree” feeling of world brotherhood, peace and international friendship - would happen all year long. His dream became reality in 1923 when Kandersteg International Scout Centre was founded in the small village of Kandersteg, Switzerland.

2) What is the purpose of the adventure?

    • To participate in an adventure that will foster a better understanding of Scouting in the world.

  • To nurture young people in their self-reliance and independence.

  • For participants to learn about and appreciate different cultures and languages.

  • To appreciate and respect the natural world.

3) What are the details for Finland Jamboree and the Super Summer Scout Adventure?

We have our KISC dates and the Finland Jamboree dates lined up so those that wish to take part in two amazing European adventures in the summer of 2022 can do both! The Finland National Jamboree, KAJO 2022, starts on Friday, July 15th. To find out more about this amazing Jamboree, contact or check out the website at

Flights within Europe are very inexpensive, and there are many direct flights from Zurich to Helsinki!

4) KISC 2022 Overview:

Scouters from different parts of Canada have come together to plan an amazing Scouting adventure to a beautiful International Scout Centre.

The approach simple: Plan a camping adventure that others can join.

  • The Contingent will be using the KISC meal plan, so Groups will not be cooking meals.

  • Groups will plan their own program and plan their own adventure while at camp. Groups can choose guided or self-guided adventures. You make the program, with the help of KISC providing information, assistance and tips.

5) What are the dates?

Monday, July 4 – Thursday, July 14, 2022

6) Who is eligible to attend?

All members of Scouts Canada are eligible to attend. Groups will decide what works best for them and their youth members.

7) What is the cost?

The Canadian Contingent fee is $875 CAN per person. Additional costs are discussed below.

8) What does the Canadian Continent fee include?

The Canadian Contingent fee includes:

  • Campsite fees for 10 days, 10 nights

  • Breakfast for 10 days

  • Lunch for 5 days

  • Dinner meal for 5 days

  • One Contingent Excursion

  • Contingent Kit

9) What are the registration details?

Registration is open until October 31st 2021. The Contingent size is set at 240 people, with an initial non-refundable deposit of $125.00 secures your registration.

As there is a maximum number of participants, registration is on a first come, first served basis.

10) When do I need to pay?

  • $125 with your Registration

  • $300 December 1st, 2021

  • $450 February 1st, 2022

11) How do I pay?

Payments will be by Group cheque.

12) What is the refund policy?

The initial deposit of $125 is non-refundable. Subsequent payments are refundable up to March 15th, 2022. Switching individuals is permitted.

13) How is a Group organized?

Individual Scout Groups decide their own make up i.e. Scouts, Venturers, Rovers, etc…

14) Are there set numbers of participants and Scouters required for each Group?

No. Your Group decides what’s best - there is no limit on youth and Scouters as long as you remember to follow the Scouts Canada requirements around the two-Scouter rule and ratio.

15) I have two Scouts and three Scouters interested, can we be teamed up with another small Group?

Yes, of course. Once we have registration information, we can connect people and encourage larger units if desired.

16) Are individual Scouters or youth allowed to sign up?

As long as we have space, individual Scouters can sign up. We would still encourage those Scouters to attach themselves to a Group. As this is different than a Jamboree, we don’t have the ability to accommodate individual youth, however, we can try to connect youth with another Group where possible.

17) What does the Contingent Kit include?

The Contingent Kit details will be released later in 2021.

18) Will there be extra things to purchase?

Yes, additional items will be offered. We would encourage participants to provide feedback about items that they would potentially purchase.

19) What currency is used?

Switzerland uses the Swiss Franc (They are not part of the Euro-zone). The exchange rate from Canadian $$ to Swiss Francs has been volatile over the past 24 months and has fluctuated from 1.30 to 1.45

20) What extras will I need to add to my own costs?

For your Group you will need to calculate airfare, train transportation from the airport to KISC, extra meals, as well as your program fees.

Lunch in cafeteria is CHF 13.00 Swiss Francs (approx. $17 CAN)

Packed lunch is CHF 11.00 Swiss Francs (approx. $15 CAN)

Dinner is CHF 13 Swiss Francs (approx. $17 CAN)

Your additional program fees will be determined by your activities and excursions your Group decides to pursue.

To view options and to start on your program budget, click the links below:

When calculating your total adventure costs, you need to also consider these factors:

  • Luggage fees especially for tents.

  • Additional program costs, including transportation, if planning to tour parts of the country from KISC.

  • Meal costs when out of camp.

Switzerland is an expensive country, however, by utilizing the services offered by KISC for program booking, there are ways to save.

21) What do I need to pack/bring?

  • Personal gear for outdoor camping

  • Tents

  • Small backpack (daypack to carry items needed in activities, offsite etc…)

  • Badges for trading

  • Lightweight tarp for your campsite

Further suggested gear kit will be released at a later date.

22) How big is the camp and what other Scouts will be there?

The campsite is for 1,200 campers and is geared reflect the atmosphere of a mini-Jamboree. As summer is peak season, we can expect Scouts from various European countries to also be camping. Our Canadian Groups will each camp on different sites, allowing an opportunity to meet and engage with other Scouts for a truly international experience.

23) What are the campsites like, are they treed or cleared?

The campsite is fairly open with some trees.

24) What is the weather like during that time of year?

During the summer months we are most likely to experience good weather with pleasant average temperatures ranging from 12 to 25 degrees.

25) How far is KISC from Kandersteg Village?

The Centre is located approximately 1.5km from the village centre and train station. There is a local bus which runs hourly from the Train Station to the Centre during the day time. It’s also a great, short walk!

26) How easy is it to navigate and communicate, if I only speak English?

Switzerland, like most European countries, is easy to navigate and to communicate in English for visitors.

27) How do I book flights?

Flights are booked by Groups independent of the organizing team. We would like everyone to arrange to arrive at KISC no later than 3 PM on Monday, July 4th, 2022.

28) How will the meals work?

Breakfast is included each day, however, we have purposely only included a set number of mid day and evening meals, to coincide with your Group’s program plan. You may be out of camp exploring on any number of days, so the meal plan offered will provide the flexibility to build a program plan that suits your needs. The cafeteria has set hours each day for each specific meal. As we are anticipating a large group, times will be provided per Group. If you decide to spend all your time in camp, KISC catered meals can be adjusted for each day at an additional cost per person (see additional fee structure below).

How well can they deal with dietary issues? While they will do their best to cater to different requirements, the meals are all prepared in the same kitchen, so we can not guarantee that the meals are 100% allergen free. If you have a severe allergy, please advise and we can discuss what is possible.

29) How does the program work?

Except for the one Contingent excursion, your Group will plan and book your own program plan. KISC offers several onsite and offsite program opportunities, some are free, and many have a reasonable fee per person. The KISC staff can also book your offsite/commercial excursions, usually at a reduced fee. Day trips to Bern, Thun and Interlagan are just a couple of suggestions.

Program bookings for summer 2022 opens on March 2, 2022. Our experienced Program Team will offer suggestions and recommendations, to ensure you get the most from your adventure. See Question 20 for program links.

30) Are there specific excursions or things we will do as a Contingent?

Yes, as part of the Contingent fee we will be doing a Contingent daytrip. Details to follow.

31) I want to stay longer, is that possible?

Yes, we will just need to verify additional costs and space available.

32) We have members that may want to stay in the chalet or lodge, is that possible?

You will need to check with KISC... it’s high season so there are no guarantees that KISC has any availability for lodge/chalet accommodations. These expenses would be additional, and you will need to arrange this on your own.

33) Is there WiFi available?

Free Wi-Fi is available in the Old and New Chalet, Kanderlodge and Sunneblick. The Campsite and the Tower do not have a direct Wi-Fi connection.

34) Is medical insurance provided through Scouts Canada?

No, you will need to arrange your own out-of-country medical insurance. This is required of every Participant.

For additional help with your participation in KISC2022, just contact us!